Porto, Portugal - the best small city

When I joined XING in 2018 I was happy to hear there is an office in Porto.

It’s the perfect city:

  • proximity to the ocean
  • great food and beverage industry (try Bacalhau and wine from the Douro valley 🤤)
  • strong education sector
  • a passion for high-quality, hand-made craft
  • a beautiful, mostly well preserved old city
  • affordable, high standard hospitality options
  • loads of small, independend shops

For us as a company, Porto offers access to stellar engineering talent. For me, it’s the place that half of my team calls home. They are great people and I feel very lucky to work with them as well as to visit their home from time to time. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there since a year ago because of the birth of my second son and a certain pandemic.

My favorite print magazine Monocle just released their latest product The Forecast 2021 which features an article called Bright lights, small city and guess which city topped their annual Small Cities Index?

Right, it’s Porto 🎉

To celebrate that and to soften my wanderlust, I digged out a few shots from my last trip:

Working during the day, …

oberserving sunset afterwards,

while having a beer with the team

to hit the local restaurants afterwards.

Monocle and Nils ❤️ Porto.

Plan for 2021: be back for an extended visit ✈️

Nils Neubauer @nilsneubauer