My favourite book on Management

The New One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard arguably is the shortest and best book on leadership.

I first read it 5 years ago after attending a class on leadership and management. It opened-up my mind to what efficient management could really be.

As written in my last post, my goal is to do less but better this year. This came out of my un-healthy level of busyness last year. It wasn’t because I had too many responsibilites but rather because I decided to do too many things myself instead of empowering my team-mates to solve problems on their own. A re-balance is in order.

That’s what made me re-read or in this case re-listen the audiobook. It was a much needed re-fresher and I will probably repeat that on a yearly basis from now on. It only takes 1 hr 27 mins.

Instead of summarizing the key tools from the book, I share the game plan which has it all:

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Go ahead and get the book. It’s worth it.

I’m off to give some one minute goals, praisings and re-directs 👨🏻‍💻

Nils Neubauer @nilsneubauer