Rules for a Better Life

Ryan Holiday is among my favorite authors of all time. Most of his content does a fantastic job at bringing the wisdom of the Stoics to a modern context.

Just yesterday, he sent out an email on 100 (Short) Rules for a Better Life which he also shared on his blog. Not all of it is necessarily Stoic but most is. Or at least follows the same stream of thinking.

This is a great list.

Some of my favorites that had a big impact on me for the better are:

  • Wake up early.

  • Comparison = unhappiness

  • Always choose “Alive Time.”

  • The present is enough.

  • Have kids.

  • Amor fati.

And these are the ones, I want to follow more often:

  • Take walks.

  • No day without some deep work.

  • “Always say less than necessary.” — Robert Greene

I will print it out and place it close to my bed as a reminder before and after sleep.

Rules #98, #99 and #100 are Ryan’s books which I love. I have re-read The obstacle is the way 5 times and I plan to do that over and over again in the future. It’s a great book.

Pick the rules that resonate with you to become a leader, parent or simply a human being who lives a better life.

Nils Neubauer @nilsneubauer